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St. Ignace, MI Makes for a Perfect Family Getaway

[row] [span2] [/span2] [span8] Families looking for fun will love St. Ignace, with its beaches, ranches, museums, central location, and loads of other family-friendly attractions. Experience the perfect family getaway in the Upper Peninsula city of St. Ignace, Michigan!   Animals If your kids love animals, they’ll love visiting Oswald's Bear Ranch! Home to the…
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Ten Reasons Why It Is Better Above The Bridge

[row] [span2][/span2] [span8] 1. Leave The City Behind   Take a ride across the Mackinac Bridge and experience genuine peace and quiet. Say goodbye to traffic gridlock, long line ups and crowds. In St. Ignace, our prescription for relaxation includes long walks on beaches, local cuisine on an outdoor patio overlooking Lake Huron's Moran Bay…
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Why St. Ignace is the Perfect Hub for Your Upper Peninsula Adventure

The gateway to the Upper Peninsula, St. Ignace, is centrally located, and the first stop after crossing the Mackinac Bridge. Read on for even more reasons St. Ignace, #YourHomePort, is the perfect hub for your upper peninsula adventure! [row] [span2][/span2] [span8] 1. Lodging No trip is complete without a place to stay, and St. Ignace…
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Upper Peninsula Day Trips from St. Ignace, Michigan

St. Ignace is the perfect hub for your Upper Peninsula adventure, and it’s the ideal spot to branch out and explore the golf courses, national parks, and beaches of the UP – and so much more! Explore all the things to do in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with these great day trips from the…
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Hidden Gems in St. Ignace, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

[row] [span3] [/span3] [span6] Explore the wonders of St. Ignace that only some locals know, such as trails, restaurants, the lesser-known, wildlife attractions, and more. Learn all about the hidden gems in the Upper Peninsula city of St. Ignace, Michigan! 1. St. Ignace to Trout Lake Trail If you’re looking to get away from it…
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