St. Ignace Testimonial

For the last 5 years, we have traveled around the US and Western Atlantic full time on our 47' sailboat - SV Country Dancer. During all that time, we have stayed in quite a few marina's but have only a very few who's service we consider to be exceptional. Today we added a new one to that tiny list, St. Ignace Municipal Marina. Let me tell you the story. Currently we are delivering a 40 year old Columbia 43 sailboat from Waukegan to Duluth for a friend. She is a great old boat, but has a few "issues" that we are dealing with. One is a non-working fuel gauge. We have fueled up twice since leaving Waukegan and put our last 5 gallon can of fuel in this morning as we left North Port, so imagine our surprise when we motored under your bridge, and the engine suddenly just died. The wind was out of the east, and we were able to roll out the jib and sail up the bay to the marina, but not knowing its layout knew that trying to sail a big boat inside with no engine was a non-starter. We had spoken to Andy in the Marina office several times about our reservation, and he had even agreed to stay a bit late to help us out, but now we had him scambling to find us a tow. We also radioed the Coast Guard, TowBoat US, and made a general radio call looking for someone to help us into the entrance. Finally a much smaller sailboat named "Scott Free" saw our distress and offered to try and tow us in. His outboard struggled with its load, but he got us moving toward the entrance, when the radio suddenly came on and said "Rainbow, we have been monitoring you and have a full crew on the fuel dock to catch your lines". It was Josh, and he had one of the new dock hands and a man from another boat all lined up waiting for us. Rick of "Scott Free" brought us straight in, dropped the tow and the guys stopped all 40,000 pounds of us and got us secured to the dock. (the new guy lost a little skin from the rope burn!) It was now after closing time, but the crew filled our fuel tanks, and pumped out our head. Andy stuck around and registered us for the night. The the guys once again put on some gloves and helped us into our slip. Fortunately, we don't give very many marina's a chance to show us how good they can be, but your guys took the ball and ran with it. We appreciated their skill, and their brawn, but it was the attitude that sponsored this letter. They we magnificent. Helpful, kind an courteous are all good, but something just shone a little brighter today as we just knew that they were all working really hard to take the very best care of us. Guys, we really appreciate it.
The crew of "Rainbow" and owners of SV Country Dancerwww.svcountrydancer.com

I just want to share our wonderful experience during my family’s reunion in St. Ignace last weekend. We had 46 people here from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, California & Minnesota. We really enjoyed our accommodations. Friday was pizza night, which was a great end to a long day of travel for many of us. Everyone loved dinner Saturday night, and the evening was just perfect for fireworks over the bay. It was great reconnecting. In a nutshell, the Fred Miller family of Brownsville, Minnesota, says, “Well done, St. Ignace!”
Julie, Midland, MI
Hotels are very clean and great prices! This will be our third year vacationing in St. Ignace. We love it!
Rick and Jenna, Lansing
My husband and I just returned from our vacation in the Upper Peninsula. The brochure you sent me on St. Ignace was very helpful and we loved our stay at the Best Western Harbour Pointe Lakefront. We do hope to return to this area again one day. Thank you.
Julie, Midland, MI
I was not aware of the rich history of the Straits Of Mackinac until I visited St. Ignace. We did not know that St. Ignace is one of the oldest historical sites in Michigan and the mid-western United States. We loved the museums, enjoyed Heritage Day celebrations, took a guided and self guided historical tour and just fell in love with the community and the people.
Julie, Midland, MI
St. Ignace has special events almost every weekend of the summer. We never miss the Car Show Weekend and we keep adding days to our stay so we can take in everything St. Ignace has to offer.
James K , Ann Arbor
We just discovered a sandy beach on Lake Huron, off the Mackinac Trail at the end of the Horseshoe Bay hiking trail. There is a parking area, accessible fishing pier, restrooms, and boat launch.The Foley Creek Campground maintains the beach area and is just North of St. Ignace where we enjoyed an amazing Whitefish dinner and an excellent hotel stay. Very friendly people.
Tim and Shirley , Detroit