Where Do You Find Something to Eat Around Here? – An Introduction to St. Ignace Eats

We were on a mission. Our task? To delve into the St. Ignace foodie scene – to discover the exciting, to experience the iconic, and to unbox the culinary secrets that help make St. Ignace so very appealing.
Visitors flock to the area for the amazing natural wonders; for the land and the lake, and also for the fascinating history of this remarkable 350 year-old town. Increasingly, however, St. Ignace has gained a new reputation – a reputation for good food!

Something for Everyone

Small though it may be, St. Ignace offers an impressive number of places to eat. It is here that a person can unwind on a dining porch overlooking the gorgeous Lake Huron shoreline after a day of hiking, while chowing down on authentic Mexican Food. It is also here that one can stumble out of bed the next morning and grab a bag of donuts or a civilized espresso drink on the way to watch the sun rise over the water-front.

You can wax nostalgic with a good, old-fashioned malt, munch on specialty burgers made of local beef, or challenge yourself with a sandwich of epic proportions. St. Ignace is where you will find ample opportunity to purchase fish from a unique Yooper market, where the fish is harvested fresh from the surrounding cold lakes. We were thrilled to learn that that self-same establishment also offers local bison meat!

We discovered refreshing ways in which area eateries have teamed up with local fishermen and farmers to source their ingredients. Enthusiasm for regional food sources became a recurring theme during our chats with members of the St. Ignace culinary milieu. Quality food begins with quality ingredients, and there is no shortage of either around here. If you are a seasoned foodie looking to expand your horizons St. Ignace has you covered! Or, when only a hearty meal will suffice, come on up, and see why life is better over the bridge!

Blogging the Experience

We invite you to join us for our upcoming blog series “Where to Eat in St. Ignace”, in which we will recount splendid tales of culinary adventures in our favorite little town! We chose to visit an initial 7 local establishments (more to come!) The series highlights both the traditional and the cutting-edge—featuring interviews with wonderful chefs, restaurant owners, and other local characters, offering valuable insight into the St. Ignace culinary phenomenon.