Woodland Dunes ATV Trails

Woodland Dunes Routes Include: Trout Lake, Newberry, Naubinway, Sandtown, Gould City, Curtis, Cut River Bridge, Rexton

  • St. Ignace to Trout Lake Trail Route M goes straight to Trout Lake.
  • Or branch onto Route A in Brevort then head South on Route MA to Lake. Michigan shoreline in Brevort.
  • Or stay on Route A to scenic Cut River Bridge.
  • Route A then continues to Rexton and on to Newberry.
  • Route AH route splits off and goes back south to Naubinway.
  • Route A continues to Sandtown.
  • Route AJ spurs south to Gould City.
  • Route MA goes from Lake Michigan Shoreline in Brevort north to Route AI (an alternate route to Newberry) and continues to reconnect to the St. Ignace to Trout Lake Trail.



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