Martin Reef Light

Located at the north end of Lake Huron, between the St. Mary’s River and the Straits of Mackinaw, about 7 miles south of the Les Cheneaux Islands to warn boaters of shallow water. The light also marks the entrance to Port Dolomite.

The station is a duplicate Poe Reef Lighthouse which was built in 1929, except for the paint job. Poe Reef is painted with black and white horizontal stripes. The crew that built Martin Reef moved to Poe Reef and constructed that light the following year.

The white 25-foot square, 3-story, 38-foot high, steel-plated building sits on a 60-foot square concrete platform 17-feet above the water. The lantern sits on a small, square 10-foot high tower crowned by a white railing with a focal plane 65-feet above the lake.