The Boardwalk Hotel

Phone: 906-643-7500

14 Unique Guest Rooms

Open Seasonally

What Makes Us Special?

The Boardwalk Hotel is soon to celebrate its 100th Birthday. It’s the oldest, and in our opinion, the most beautiful hotel in St. Ignace. Built in 1928 by William Vallier, it originally had two stories and featured 52 Steam Heated Room (there was an annex). In the 1950’s the third floor was added to accommodate the influx of workers who came to build the Mackinac Bridge. 

Today, after a 3 year renovation, the Boardwalk Hotel is proud to offer 15 Unique Guest Rooms  & Bar.

In honor of her return, we have curated a luxury experience to make your stay with us incomparable. Each room is different, really. A combination of old and new, originals and re-covered, modern and old fashioned, The Boardwalk will always keep you guessing; was this original or new? Some things will be obvious, others not so much. We hope you enjoy the discovery.