The Best Winter Trails in St. Ignace, MI

There are thousands of miles of trail that are available to explore here in Michigan and many of the best are here in St. Ignace! We’ve compiled a guide to the best trails in the St. Ignace, MI area for hiking, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

This 167-mile trail stretches from New York to North Dakota and is open to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. You can start your adventure at the downtown boardwalk in St. Ignace and then head northwest into the picturesque Hiawatha National Forest. During your trek, you will crisscross the Two-Hearted River 3 times, while heading toward Lake Superior. If you stay on the trail, you’ll be able to see the shorelines of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron, in addition to the Mackinac Bridge, St. Ignace, Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Lake Superior State Forrest and the Muskallonge Lake State Park. Find more information here.

This set of trails are about 11 miles west of St. Ignace, and offer many different levels of challenge to Cross Country Skiers. As the name implies the trails move through the sand dunes of northern Michigan all along the coast of Lake Michigan, clocking in at about 7.6 miles of trail for the most advanced trail, and about 1.5 miles for the easiest. Groomed for classic style cross country skiing, the advanced trails are full of steep climbs, and sharp turns though hard wood forests, while the easiest trails are the perfect place for beginners to learn and start.  The Sand Dune Cross Country Ski Trail has ample parking and an outhouse available for use at the Trailhead.  Click here for more information and here for Ski Trail Condition Reports.

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Some of the most popular Snow Showing trails, the Straits State Park offers an easier hike and brilliant views of the mighty Mackinaw Bridge, and the Straits of Mackinaw. The trails here are typically very broken in as the locals use them often. The Main Trail is only about a mile of pure hiking or cross-country skiing bliss, and connects two camp grounds. Click here for a map of the State Park.

The Pine Bowl Pathway is 5.9-mile loop of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing through the wilderness of the Lake Superior State Forest.  The trails are groomed weekly, and are open year-round, and are well known for their great cross-country skiing opportunities. Click here for a map and trail head.

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Located in Newberry, Michigan, the 8.9 miles of groomed double track trail of the Canada Lakes Pathway offers a great way to explore the wonders of the Lake Superior State Forest.  Open to Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing this trail winds and curves with the natural landscape to provide an experience you can only get on the Canada Lakes Pathway. Find the trailhead here.

The Peters Creek Path way is a small untethered adventure around 7 lakes, moving about 2.2 miles of groomed trail to hike and ski. The trail head is 5.5. miles northeast of Naubinway via Hiawatha Trail and Peters Creek Truck Trail.

Snowmobile Heaven – St. Ignace to Trout Lake

Formerly an abandoned Railroad grade, this trail is easy to hike or snowmobile, and is dog friendly provided they’re on a leash.  Roughly 28 miles long, this trail though the Mackinaw Wilderness is a must do for your visit to St. Ignace. The tailhead in St. Ignace is near the Little Bear East Arena on Marquette Street. The trailhead on Trout Lake is located off of M-123 about a half mile from the railroad crossing. Click here for photos of the trail.  You can find more great places to snowmobile here.

You won’t regret checking out these serene winter trails in St. Ignace. Sign-up for St. Ignace’s newsletter for the latest details on all the events! Feel free to request a visitor guide, and book your stay today!