10 Most Instagrammable Spots in St. Ignace, MI

Just north of the Mackinac Bridge lies a place where you’ll be able to create the most “like-worthy” Instagram photos in the Upper Peninsula. St. Ignace is home to some of the best and most Instagrammable spots that Northern Michigan has to offer. From glorious views of the Mackinac Bridge and the Island, to the premier scenery of the Hiawatha National Forest – St. Ignace is your spot to discover life beyond the bridge. Check out these 9 most Instagrammable spots in St. Ignace!

Huron Boardwalk

Located right next to The Marina, the Huron Boardwalk is a mile-long boardwalk that provides ample amounts of picturesque scenery. Near the downtown area with many shops, restaurants, and places to stay. Enjoy views of the ferries to Mackinac Island and Lake Huron. At the end of the boardwalk lies the Wawatam Lighthouse which is ideal for photo-op. Fun fact: The light of the lighthouse can be seen for more than 13 miles!

As you make your way over the Mackinac Bridge, Bridge View Park is one of the first things to welcome you to the Upper Peninsula. Indulge in one-of-a-kind views of the waters of the Straits of Mackinac and the Mackinac Bridge. The bridge park is one of the best places to see beautiful sunsets glistening across the waters between the peninsulas. You can enjoy picture-worthy views in rain or shine as it offers picnic pavilions and an observation building.

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East Moran Bay

Right in the heart of downtown, surrounded by the shops, waterfront restaurants, and ferries that make up St. Ignace, is East Moran Bay. On the shore of Lake Huron, the bay has plenty of can’t-miss views of the shoreline. This is where you can catch the perfect snapshots of Mackinac Island and the ferries that cruise you over there. For the most “like-worthy” Instagram photos that your followers will love, be sure to head there in the early morning hours to catch prime shots of sunrises over the lake.

One of the oldest lookout points near St. Ignace, Castle Rock is a must-see on your next Upper Peninsula trip. Castle Rock is a panoramic rock that allows views of up to 20-miles of scenery. Up on the rock, almost 200-feet up above the water, take in stellar, panoramic views of Mackinac Island, Lake Huron, Downtown St. Ignace, and plenty of nature. Make sure to get a selfie with Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue Ox before you go!

Michigan’s #1 Unusual Attraction is known for its optical contradictions and physical sensations. The spot was founded by 3 California-based surveyors that had continued issues with their equipment while trying to survey the site. This is believed to cause the illusions and sensations experienced what they dubbed the “Mystery Spot”. However, the illusions are just the beginning of the experience. Fully equipped with 2 ziplines, a human maze, and an 18-hole putt-putt course makes this the place for fun to be had for the whole family.

Fun Fact: the giant Mystery Spot sign can be spotted in the first movie of the popular National Lampoon’s Vacation!

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Anthony’s Rock

One of Michigan’s premier roadside attractions is one of several “sea stacks” that reside in the Straits area. This stone made of limestone breccia (which is just mostly fragmented limestone and dolomite cemented together) was formed over 350-million years ago. Previously known as Goudreau Rock, St. Anthony’s Rock is located right downtown in St. Ignace, makes it an amazing roadside stop. For a full list of these sea stacks that make up the Straits area, visit the rock where they are all listed.

Clyde’s Drive In

Craving deep fried goodies with a side of the best Instagram photo? Take a trip back in time to Clyde’s Drive-In restaurant and indulge in the famous ¾ pound burger or better known as the “Big C”. Founded in 1949, The Old-Fashioned Drive-in allows you to experience your favorite fast food from the comfort of your own car. Roll down the windows and let the staff serve your food on a tray with a side of classic American flare. Be sure to snap a few pictures of the infamous neon Clyde’s Drive-In sign!

Take a Ferry Ride to Mackinac Island

St. Ignace is your shortcut to the wonders that await you on Mackinac Island. Skip the crowds and line-ups in Mackinaw City by hopping on one of two ferry services that reside in St. Ignace. Shepler’s and Star Line Ferries are the fastest ways to cruise the waters between the island and St. Ignace. On your expedition over to the island take in views of both peninsulas’, the Mighty Mac, the Straits of Mackinac, and the island itself!

Be sure to check out Shepler’s and Star Line Ferries Operational Updates for capacity levels, safety precautions and guidelines. Check out our full guide on everything you need to know about Ferries to Mackinac Island here!

Locals have given this path the nickname “Narnia”, and it’s easy to see why. It follows the Lake Huron shoreline through serene forest, but the true payoff is at the bay. The trail culminates in a bay bordered by big, moss-covered boulders that give the whole area an other-worldly vibe. It’s truly a spectacular site, and one that has an added element of adventure — parts of trail are sometimes flooded depending on water levels but can be traversed easily with a bit of conviction. The trail head starts east of the Carmeuse Lime & Stone Quarry.

The Hiawatha National Forest offers 100-miles of shoreline between three Great Lakes: Superior, Huron and Michigan – which is why it is also known as the “Great Lakes National Forest!” The forest is divided into two major blocks, the East and West units, and five districts. Within these parts of the forest resides the Grand Island National Recreation Area, Whitefish Scenic Byway, six lighthouses, five wilderness areas, and Clear Lake Education Center. With all the Hiawatha National Forest offers makes it one of the best stops in St. Ignace for that perfect Instagram photo.

St. Ignace is the place to discover the Upper Peninsula and the best place to snap the best Instagram photos! So, grab your phone or camera and head to St. Ignace to snap these most Instagrammable locations!


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